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Welcome to the Home of Oriental Fragrances

All Designed and Made in Dubai (UAE) and France


At Oriental Fragrances, We Believe Perfume is an Important Part of Your Personality

Have you ever walked past someone who just smells amazing? Can you remember the thoughts and feelings that were evoked as a result?

Perfume is often seen as just a luxury item. At Oriental Fragrances, we believe perfume is a necessity. We believe fragrance is an integral part of your wardrobe, your outfits, and your identity.

And there is nothing wrong with smelling fabulous for those around you. In fact it’s your public duty!

Be Unique to Stand Out From the Crowd

If you fancy standing out from the crowd, try a fragrance that is not used in your social circle. Perhaps it will be a little more Clsssic than those around you wear, or just not too mainstream.

We say,  You too can Stand Out From the Crowd & be Unique with our limited Edition of Oriental Fragrances! 

Our Collections of Oriental Perfumes are Unique!

Perfumes are much more than just a smell. They have the power to evoke feelings of love, energy, power, happiness, awe, sensuality and peace.

Perfume is often seen as just a luxury item. At Oriental Fragrances, we believe perfume is a necessity. We believe fragrance is an integral part of your wardrobe, your outfits, and your identity.

This is oriental perfume for Men and Women is an irresistible fragrance for any occassion. It is specially crafted with ethereal and woody scent that opens with energizing fragrance with oud and musk notes.

This great oriental fragrance is designed and manufactured in UAE. The perfume’s core includes flowers of peony, pink lily, and jasmine. The base is velvety due to accords of sandalwood, musk, and vanilla blossom.

PRICE: 25,500 NGN  31,500 NGN


All order Purchases comes with this Special Edition of Intense Brown deodorant as a Bonus. Price Worth N8,950 

Please do not order for this product if you will not be available to receive the item or you dont have the means to pay on delivery. 

Perfume 24 Carat Pure Gold Eau de Parfum is an oriental perfume with a classic combination of Oudh, roses and vanilla. Nevertheless, the perfume stands out from the crowd because it succeeds in skillfully combining soft tones with dark, dominant fragrances.

24 Carat Pure Gold is not a light fragrance, but a powerful Arabic Attar perfume that stands out for its long shelf life. Although it is excellent as unisex perfume, we would rather attribute it to the male side.

PRICE:19,500 NGN  21,600 NGN

As the name goes Hayaati means "life" in arabic is an amazing modern new fragrance full of life.

The name says it all. A fragrance made for the perfect Gentleman who loves life to the max and is fond of oriental scents. The perfume is long lasting and divine.

PRICE: 21,500 NGN   29,800 NGN

A true artwork of great masculine fragrance. An essence of masculinity defined by the honeysuckle flavour’s combined with a masterful white musk flavor. 

It scent reveals the mysterious play of exquisite oriental woody melody, in which there is a calm oriental serenity, complemented by absolute inner harmony and a sense of complete freedom. 

It’s the perfume you can fall in love with the first Smell.

PRICE: 21,500 NGN   35,000 NGN

A Limited Edition masterpiece by Ard al Zaafaran for men sure to get the attention of the crowd through the combination of mysterious freshness and its long lasting power. 

This magnificent luxurious golden-colored bottle will not leave you indifferent. Its modern and rigorous geometric shape symbolizes masculinity that brings unparalleled excitement and power. 

This scent is amazing, its vibrant freshness is derived from notes of mojito, fresh floral notes and green woody notes, fused with strong ingredients. This power gives it a powerful and delicate trajectory. 

Olfactory Notes Top Notes: Spicy Mint, Lime and Rum Heart Notes: Floral Notes Base Notes: Vetiver, Cedar and Patchouli The box contains a 100ml fragrance and a size

PRICE: 22,500 NGN  33,900 NGN

An amazing modern new fragrance full of life. The name says it all. A fragrance made for the classic woman who loves life to the max and is fond of oriental scents. The perfume is long lasting and divine.

The fragrance is announced as luxurious, powerful and addictive; the scents of desire melting in richness, taking you into the world of luxury.

PRICE: 21,500 NGN  38,900 NGN

Parfums de Marly's Pegasus is, itself, fragrance nobility- a skillfully refined take on the fougere style featuring unexpected notes of almond and vanilla that give it unique lasting power and striking dignity.

Pegasus is the sixth perfume from the house Parfums de Marly. It is classified as an oriental - fougere composition. Top notes: bergamot, heliotrope and cumin. Heart: jasmine, bitter almond and lavender. Base: amber, vanilla and sandalwood.

PRICE: 19,500 NGN  22,600 NGN

An Edp exclusively for Women is a sweet oriental fragrance with a charming aroma. Has light notes that makes your presence felt both at entrance and exit. The perfume starts with a fresh floral notes that becomes sweeter when it settles.

It’s light and airy, fitting for the spring and summer. It’s an easy-to-wear everyday fragrance because it’s so mass appealing. One of our finest EDPs specially designed bottles for a perfect gift to your beloved.

PRICE: 22,000 NGN  35,900 NGN

If you are looking for for an everyday fragrance for confident and mature men, Elite just white is a great choice. It has a rich combination of classic notes. Bergamot, Tamarind and Lemon leaf offer a timeless foundation, while cedar adds a woody scent that gives it a masculine touch.   

A fragrance made for the perfect Gentleman who loves life to the max and is fond of oriental scents. The perfume is long lasting and divine. Released in 2020, perfect for work and casual events.

PRICE: 19,500 NGN  29,600 NGN


For this creation, Guerlain House Perfumer Thierry Wasser drew inspiration from the treasures of the East, and worked one of the rarest and most precious ingredients in the perfume world: sandalwood.
Shrouded in mystery, this bewitching note is exalted in a new woody oriental fragrance, a study of subtle contrasts between the dark notes of leather and oud wood, and the luminous floral notes of jasmine and rose.

17,500 NGN  33,900 NGN

A fresh, woody, oriental men's scent. The top note opens the fragrance with iris, vanilla and musk. A blend of leather and palm leaves fills the middle note. The concluding, woody base features notes of Oudh, cedar and vetiver. An oriental, sensual and fresh men's fragrance with woody notes, which is well suited for any occasion. 

The irresistible effect of the fragrance and its elegant and sensual allure eastern wake will make even the most distant aquintances jealous.

 19,500 NGN  23,900 NGN

An explosive scent with a varied blend of sweet, smoky, oriental and woody notes that work to balance each other and create a beautiful Eastern fragrance.

The transparent glass bottle, that showcases the vibrant orange perfume inside the bottle, is elegant and clean in its understated design. It is the perfect perfume for men and women in its scent and appearance. 

The top note opens warm and spicy with cinnamon, vanilla and tobacco. Moroccan spices, herbs, thyme, cloves, smoke and Oudh, are blended in the powerful heart note. Black amber, cedar, sandalwood, musk and patchouli harmoniously conclude the perfume in the base.

An impressive, woody fragrance with an Arabian character and full of sophistication that is powerful and long-lasting. The perfume is well suited for any occasion.

 24,500 NGN  29,900 NGN

This fragrance is made for a confident personality (for both men & women) who is self-assured, settled and uncompromising. This beauty exudes nothing but class.

The fragrance is indeed strong, fairly ‘thick’ and rich bodied. There is nothing faint about it. It announces it’s presence all the way till the dry down.

In my experience this fragrance is fairly well composed. And, to most people it will be a bit linear in that it won’t change much right up to the dry down. It will mellow down a bit but will retain a lot of it’s character right through the dry down.

 21,500 NGN  29,900 NGN

A strong fire in the night at the Arabic dessert, with the breezy wind around you, this fragrance has a unique opening of Rose with a powerful kick of Oud, making it a magnificent combination. Inspired by Dupont Oud et Rose, this fragrance is like fire and ice and you will not regret buying it anyway

Top notes are saffron, vanilla and agarwood (oud)
Middle notes are musk, patchouli and rose
Base notes are amber and sandalwood

 24,500 NGN  29,900 NGN

This is a classic of when French style meets Arabic perfumery. The result is Exotic, Franchi Perfumes. It opens with energizing oud fragrance with oriental notes.

This is genuine high quality, luxury, and longer lasting. Manufactured in Dubai. It's the perfume you can fall in love with the first smell.

 20,500 NGN  26,900 NGN

This is the perfect rhythm of floral and woody notes housed in a highly portable 80ml black bottle it’s a must-have fragrance. The delicate and sensual fusion of labdanum and warm patchouli beautifully tied with agar wood and sandalwood takes you to the higher plane.

The exotic rose fragrance adds the extra wildness to the scent and sets your passion on fire. It is a perfect choice for every age group and occasion.

An intense EDP that can last for a very long time, revive and refreshen your senses with this uncompromising fragrance.

 23,500 NGN  35,300 NGN

An oriental, sweet-spicy perfume for women and men. The perfume opens fruity with bergamot, apples and pineapple.

The heart note looks deep and creamy and lovely blends with the fruity notes. Here sandalwood, patchouli, Guaiac wood and jasmine determine the fragrance.

A deep and creamy base of amber, musk, vanilla, mild Oudh and ylang-ylang concludes the perfume.

A beautiful, oriental gourmet fragrance that makes a strong entrance and is best suited for the evening or festive occasions.

 19,000 NGN  24,300 NGN

A high quality and long lasting perfume by Ard al-Zafaran mainly for women. 

It is a beautiful oriental fragrance that combines beautiful floral warmth with woody and oriental notes.

Main pairings are floral, warm, oriental and woody. Top Notes: Bergamot, mandarins and blackcurrant. Middle Notes: Cinnamon, spicy notes, jasmine, gardenias and ylang ylang Base Notes: Amber, incense, sandalwood, Oudh and patchouli.

18,500 NGN  23,300 NGN

Aromatic Aquatic fragrance for women and men. Najdia was recently launched in 2020.

The best Arabian oud perfume for him and her. Suitable for all occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or on a seasonal holiday, this fragrance is a hit. Let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them with fine fragrance. Lift your mood and confidence with this elegant scent that will leave people in envy.

Beautifully packaged in a black and gold box, giving an air of grandeur. The best Arabian Oud fragrance you will find…Made in UAE. 

19,500 NGN  25,300 NGN

Powerful spices creating a bold oriental-fougere scent. Desire Black for Men by Alfred Dunhill represents deep desire within a fragrance opened by pepper, bergamot and grapefruit. Precious saffron, cypress and rose create the heart. The base promises vetiver, olibanum and touches of amber.

 19,500 NGN  32,600 NGN

The fragrance has preserved the elegance, but has gained a new rebellious note. The combination of woodsy notes has got a new intensity and accord due to fresh cocktail of grapefruit and bergamot and presence of hedione.

 21,500 NGN  32,600 NGN


For every Purchase You make, You get this Special Edition of this Intense Brown deodorant as Bonus!  Price Worth N8,950 


Jenny Martins

Wow! I have always wanted a place I can get a collection of quality perfumes from Dubai at affordable prices. Great scents and thumps up! 

Mr. Huda

I ordered for two; one for me & the other a gift to a friend. The perfumes really matches the description. It is really oriental, smells really nice!

Hajiya Khadija

Never bought perfumes online before, except for this time and am glad I did. The monarch queen is dope!

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To place an order for any perfume of your choice is easy, You can click on the CTA button that says "Click here to Order now" or You can simply click on the picture which will then take you to a check out page to fill the short form and hit the Submit botton.

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Once You've placed your order, our sales representative will put a call through to You within 24 hours in order to arrange for the delivery.  

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Absolutely, we provide payment on delivery for all our products.

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You can track your orders via phone calls or WhatsApp on: 08067544900

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You can place your orders via phone calls or WhatsApp on: 08067544900