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...Safe, Super Fast & Low Electricity Consumption Platter to Enhance Your Kitchen

Watch the video to see how it works in action:


Payment on Delivery

Best Alternative to The Microwave  Non-Stick Safe and Durable

Do you know why this is better than the microwave in your kitchen?

First, we need to explain how a microwave oven works. A microwave oven creates radio waves at a frequency of about 2.45 GHz. All radio waves are electromagnetic radiation. A microwave has become a staple in most households, thereby exposing people to unnecessary waves and radiation.

Let’s answer a simple question: what is the most fundamental reason we eat? To nourish ourselves of course. And no matter what nutritional philosophy you subscribe to, everyone agrees to maintain health and prevent disease and deficiencies, we must eat a wide variety of whole foods.

Now, when you put that nutritious food into a microwave oven it is heated from the inside out instead of the outside-in, as it is in traditional cooking methods.

Think of it like a little explosion happening within the food molecules, which alters their natural composition and nutrients at a cellular level. Plus, microwaves use a highly-concentrated amount of unnatural electromagnetic energy, a type of radiation, to heat the food, resulting in creation of foreign food particles your body does not want or need.

Heating food in plastic containers in the microwave releases 95 per cent of all Bisphenol A Chemicals that you eventually consume in your food. 

And we don’t want that problem for You.

Steam tends to be a better alternative than baking or frying food in oil or fat. In fact the food prepared in a steam pot tastes better. This is likely due to the steam technology that prevents food from drying out while providing an enjoyable crispy outside texture. Steam pots combine the power and convenience of a microwave with the moist, tender, delicate cooking style of steam.

The ability to perfectly cook each item, while cutting down the amount of time spent in the kitchen, is priceless. Having the right appliances means you spend less time cooking, more time enjoying – less time worrying about taste, more time savoring the fruits of your labor.

Now Comes in Two Different Sizes 

Big Size For Family


Big Size (Family Size)

Pay 25,500 NGN 34,900 NGN PROMO Price On Delivery

Big Size Platter

Big Size Platter

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Now Comes in Two Different Sizes 

Small Size 18cm width

 Perfect and Healthy Alternative to The Microwave 

This Multipurpose Electric Platter is more convenient and is packed with more functions.

You may be wondering – what can I cook in this pot? The answer is pretty much anything. This multipurpose electric pot can toast, broil, bake, and reheat items like a standard microwave or oven. If you want to cook with steam, your options are practically endless. You can cook meat, fish, pasta, vegetables, pieces of bread, or desserts.  The large size is very valuable when cooking for multiple people or preparing a complete meal with multiple components.

This is reshaping the cooking game, delivering healthier and quicker meals. This multi-functional unit is a must for every kitchen. It can COOk, STEAM, WARM, FRY, SAUTE and even BAKE.

To begin with, it does NOT require a stove top or gas for the cooking to take place. All it requires is some countertop space for you to place the it and a socket to supply electricity for the cooking.

 Uses Far Less Oil When Frying or Cooking

Using this non-stick electric cooker means you need far LESS OIL when frying.

Just a teaspoon or two of oil will let you sauté meats and vegetables-much less than you'd need when using a stainless-steel pan and you can say bye to oil related health issues such as obeisity, heart disease or even diabeties.

This Platter Uses by Far Less Electricity Than Microwave & Can be Use on a Generator

Using this non-stick electric platter means you get to save lots of your electric Kilowatts per hour (Kwh).

This appliances uses 260 WATTS as against the average modern microwave that will use around 1200 WATTS. To demonsterate this huge difference, below is how get the exact estimates of this huge difference in power consumption.

Daily Electric Consumption of this Platter 

260 watts X about 1 hour = 260
Divided by 1,000= 0.26 kwh of daily consumption  

Annual Use

0.26 X 350 (I shaved some days off for vacation, weekend trips) = 93Kwh

Breakdown of a modern microwave that uses 1200 watts

1,200 watts X about 1 hours = 1,200
Divided by 1,000= 1.2 kwh of daily consumption  

Annual Use

1.2 X 350 (I shaved some days off for vacation, weekend trips) = 420Kwh

This shows that Microwave and other electric cooking appliances uses about 5 times more electricity than this Platter

Order Now @ 20% Discount to Pay on Delivery!

Fast and Speedy Delivery Nationwide

Once we receive your order, Our Rep will call you within 24 hours to Verify and process your Order. Once your order has been confirmed, we will ship your order through our partner courier company. It will be delivered to your doorsteps Within 2-4 Days expect a phone call from the dispatch rider too.

NOTE: We only have 20pcs of this item in stock for this Promo and Price returns back to regular price after this 20pcs is sold out. If you are really interested, then You have to order for it today while promo stocks last.

Please do not order for this product if you will not be available to receive the item or you dont have the means to pay on delivery. Best Regards!

You Can Call 0r Whatsapp us on: 08067544900


Small Size 18CM

Pay 16,500NGN 23,000NGN PROMO PRICE

Small Size Platter

Small Size Platter

Order Quantity

If You are having Trouble Filling Out this Form You Can Call 0r Whatsapp us on: 08067544900 to Place Your Order Now...

Saves Lots of Electricity and does the Job Faster...

Amazignly this platter does save lots of my electric units and works very fast... Can't remember the last time I used the microwave. 

Alhaji Kamal  

The Delivery was Fast

I received mine yesterday, very okay. It is exactly as described!

 Mrs Oluleye  

The product matches description...

I reside in Abuja.

It's actually real. I ordered for mine towards end of November and it was delivered. I payed on delivery☺️

Mrs Chinenye O. Iwaeni  

This is a must to have in Kitchens & Offices...

I ordered for two; one for the kitchen and the other for office use. The most amazing thing for me is that it can be powered on a generator with as low as 220Votage of Power!

Mr Huda 

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